Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Injured? Car accidents slip and falls, and other injuries are a fact of life. But when those injuries are caused by others, our legal system can provide a remedy.

The law requires liability insurance on motor vehicles. Mortgage lenders require insurance on homes, businesses keep workplace insurance on buildings and parking lots. Many people keep uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages as part of their auto policies in case injuries are caused by someone without adequate resources to take responsibility. Those insurance policies are designed to provide protection to you in the event of an injury.

Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate advocates for you. With more than 60 years combined experience, we can guide you through the process of recovery of your health and property. Call Wall, McLean & Gallagher, PLLC (WMG) if you have been injured in an accident for a free consultation. If you don’t get paid, neither do we. Insurance companies hire experienced attorney – so should you!

Work place Disputes

People are often defined by what they do for a living. A job is more than a paycheck, it is an identity. It’s a means of putting bread on the table and it’s how we all hope to achieve our American Dream. That is why a work place disputes can be so traumatic for an employee and his or her family.

When facing a wrongful discharge, hostile work environment, retaliation or wage dispute, experienced attorneys are vital. The attorneys at WMG have litigated work place disputes in Montana State Court, the Montana Supreme Court, Montana Federal District Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Our experience and success in litigating complex work place cases will help you and your family get fair compensation for unfair treatment on the job.

Real Estate and Real Property Litigation

We are experts in drafting residential and commercial buy-sell agreements, easements, deeds and land use disputes. We work for and with real estate agents, brokers, property managers, landlords, title companies and surveyors to ensure that your rights are protected. WMG regularly engages in litigation and trial work when necessary to ensure that real estate ownership and access are secured.

Criminal Defense

DUI? Assault? Theft? WMG is there for you when a lapse in judgment or unfair action leaves you facing criminal charges. Our attorneys routinely assist Montanans with misdemeanor criminal cases in a reassuring and efficient manner.

Business Planning & Commercial Litigation

Ready to start your business? Expanding and taking on new space? In a business dispute? The attorneys at WMG can help. Whether you need an LLC, S-Corporate, a commercial lease, loan papers or are facing the possibility of legal action, we can make sure you are ready to make your vision a reality and handle every possibility. We also represent Montanans in disputes with banks and creditors, when competitors cross the line to unfair business practices, and when predatory lenders and mortgage companies try to take advantage of you.

Estate Planning and Probate

Too many of us ignore estate planning and probate needs unnecessarily. A simple will, durable power of attorney or power of attorney for healthcare are estate planning documents everyone should have. WMG can quickly and economically assist you with preparing your estate. Similarly, the probate process for your loved ones shouldn’t be feared or unduly costly. At WMG, we effectively and efficiently represent estates and trusts after the death of a loved one.

Family Law

Whether it’s a parenting plan, dissolution, modification, or an issue with an aging relative or disabled child, WMG approaches family law from an understanding of both emotions and economics. Family law issues can tax your mental health and pocketbook, but they don’t need to ruin either. Let us help guide you through the maze of laws dealing with divorce, custody, guardianship and conservatorship.


WMG has broad and deep experience in healthcare litigation. Clients such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, Inc., New West Healthcare, the Montana Health Co-op and Health Care Service Corporation have relied upon WMG when faced with complicated legal and regulatory issues. ERISA and non-ERISA plan issues, class action, rating issues, insurance bad faith and denial of benefits are among the matters WMG has addressed and resolved for our healthcare-related clients.

Worker Compensation Claims

Hard work is part of our core values in Montana, and at WMG we know how important your job is for you and your peace of mind. If you are hurt at work, whether in a fall, lifting incident or traumatic injury, we can help you get back to work and pay for your injuries and lost wages while you recover.